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We are pleased to introduce you, this versatile machine designed for blending and roasting of Granules / Powders. It is most suitable for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Foods Processing, Spices, & Pickle Industries. This Roaster machine is available in capacities rainging from 10 Kg. to 5000 Kg. Per batch. The machine is available in GMP Model also...

Ribbon Blender Cum Roaster

We herewith also like to inform you that our Roaster machine is approved by M/s. American Soyabean Association (ASA), Asia sub Continent, Delhi regional office for Soya bean processing. We are proud to say that our about 200 Machines are serving various Industries all over INDIA, & we have also Exported our machines to various Countries in Asia & Gulf.

Elecrical Roaster
Ribbons Blades
Ribbons Blades
Ribbon Blender Cum Roaster  With Gas
LPG Gas Roaster


roaster and cooling syste
The Blender machine is fabricated in U shaped sturdy body, having top cover centrally located and bottom discharge valve and with centrally mounted longitudinal shaft on which Spirals ribbons are mounted. Our specially designed spiral ribbons gives the best blending results due to Three dimensional action.

Thus every particle comes equally in contact with the heating zone and being roasted equally. The Roaster machines are available with options as per customer requirements, having Full Stainless Steel, OR with contact parts in Stainless Steel and Non contact parts in Mild Steel with Enamel / Epoxy paint.

In conventional Roasters the heating is achieved through the Jacket filled with special purpose heating oil which is heated through Electrically operated oil immersed heaters. The heating temperature is controlled through digital temperature controller which can be achieved up to 250 Deg. C.

The production with conventional electrically heated roaster has been affected due to recent power crises, the cost of the generator power with high electrical load is defiantly not affordable. Considering these problems we had recently developed the Roasters with LPG (Gas) heating arrangements.

It has all that advantages which electrically operated roaster has such as Auto electronic operating, ignition, temperature controlling system etc. The heating temperature can be achieved easily in very short time up to 350 Deg. C., which is achieved with hot generated air circulated through specially designed heating jacket.
roaster and cooling syste


  • Improves the consistent quality – Auto Temperature setting, Homogenous mixing, No carbonization of Material as minimum gap between shell & ribbons.
  • Improves Hygienic condition – Minimum hand contamination, avoids dusting of Material, all contact parts made of Stainless Steel.
  • Reduction in Labour cost.
  • Increases Production.

Additional Advantages For LPG Roaster:

  • Can be operated at higher temperature up to 4000 C. compare to electrical roasters – 225 deg. C.
  • Heating starts immediately no need to pre heat the machine, compare to electrical Roasters.
  • Reduction in production cost up to 25% compare to electrical Roasters.
  • Increases Production, as roasting is achieved in less time.
roaster and cooling syste

What you can do apart from Mixing / Roasting with special attachments:

  • Machine can be designed to cool the roasted products through cooling water circulating jacket along with the cooling tower. Specially for inline product systems, such as ready to cook items (Upma, Idli, Dhokla, Gulabjamun pre-mix), chilly powders etc.
  • Add small amount of Powders – Colours, Concentrates etc
  • Add small amount of Liquids – Essences etc. with Spraying System.
  • Break lumps & agglomerates formed during Mixing, while adding Liquids by Lump cutter system.